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Yaku Consulting


In early 2011 I guided a team to a 2nd place finish in the University of Pittsburgh “Big Idea” Business Plan Competition.

Result of that success, I have taken the idea to the field, and have recently formed an organization, Yaku Consulting.  My first client, the University of Massachusetts – Boston will participate in the construction and development of a clean-water, sanitation, and health project overseen by the non-profit organization House of the Children.

I am Founder and President of the organization, and have recruited help from many friends and colleagues as I test out the waters of running an organization.

Check out the Yaku Consulting Spring 2012 project brochure developed for the U-Mass group, which describes the upcoming “water-service” trip.

This is somewhat of a “pilot-trip” and the results will guide the direction of Yaku Consulting into the future.